UFC Likes and Dislikes

Okay, I’m a huge martial arts fan. Traditional martial artists are not thrilled about MMA, however I really enjoy it. I’ve done traditional martial arts and I always tell my son…if MMA ao mua thu had been around when I was his age, I probably would have tried it out. The top organization in MMA, is of course the UFC. A few years ago, Pride was kicking their butts and I was buying Pride DVDs all the time. Over the last few years, Dana White has done an amazing job of promoting the UFC. Now there are a lot of things to love about the UFC and I will get to that in a minute. First, let’s look at the things that bother me.

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– The use of elbows on the ground. It’s really more difficult to defend against an elbow when you are flat on your back. Sure it looks great for the fight crowd, however far too many good fights are stopped due to major cuts. If the fighter is standing up, he is more able to defend by blocking or head/body movement. I think all the organizations should get rid of elbows on the ground.

– Not enough traditional martial arts moves in the UFC How many times do you see a guy on his back, doing up kicks? Quite a bit of this goes on. It amazes me that none of the fighters grab the leg and or ankle and do a leg lock while standing. Instead they dance around and throw a few kicks at the thigh. Every had someone grab your leg, step over and hook the ankle while sitting down on your knee? Trust me, it works and you better tap in a hurry.

– Not enough slams. When was the last time you saw Rampage do one of his major slams like he did in Pride. Slams are exciting. Have you ever watched Cung Le when he picked people up and slammed them, as much as four or five times in a fight. Mongolian wrestling has a wicked body slam. One WWE wrestler used his version of it when fighting and it would be a welcome sight in the UFC. What a great way to stun your opponent before you finish him off.

– Forgive me Dana but the number one thing I love is Arianny Celeste, who just won Ring Girl of the Year. That was a no brainer. Arianny reminds me of my beautiful wife who I married 17 years ago. Now Arianny has no Asian background I believe but at first glance I thought she did because she looked so much like Thu. Thu and I have an on-going joke. Everytime Arianny comes on and blows a kiss at the camera, I ask everyone in the house to be quiet because Arianny is flirting with me. Wishful thinking.

– The rounded skill set of the fighters. I find the UFC has some of the best fighters in the world and the majority of the fights have me on the edge of my seat. Bodog put me to sleep as did some of the other promotions. It’s thrilling to watch someone who excels at the ground game, get his butt handed to him on the ground by someone who is supposed to be a standup fighter.

– The overall look of the promotion and the announcers, Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan are the best. It’s a slick production and I love listening to the banter between the two announcers. I really wish Joe had gone into the cage with Tank Abbott though. I would have paid big bucks to watch Joe thrash Tank and then do a stand up comedy bit while standing over a prone Tank Abbott.

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