Off the Radar Sandwich Shops in Manhattan

Tiny’s Giant Sandwich shop on the Lower East Side was closed for a while, but recently reopened much to the joy of many patrons. This place has a cult following and with good reason. Two of the best sandwiches here include the “Spicy Rizzack” and the “Veggiest Of Them All,” a vegetarian sandwich that is big enough to satisfy any meat eater.

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The city in general has been in a Vietnamese Sandwich, also known as Banh Mi, frenzy for about a year now. These sandwiches are traditionally served with different types of pork, cilantro, pickled carrots and mayonnaise Royal creme juul pods . A great alternative for vegetarians is to get a Portobello mushroom Banh Mi.

Of course, it is always hard to beat a cheesesteak. In my opinion the best cheesesteak to be had in the city right now is at Carl’s Cheesesteaks on 34th st and 3rd Ave. Carl’s also has a location at the new Yankee Stadium.

A great sandwich shop in the East Village is Sunny and Annie’s Deli on Avenue B and 6th Street. From the outside, it may appear as a normal bodega, but the sandwich list is expensive. One of the most popular items on the menu is the “Pho Real,” a roast beef/Vietnamese sandwich concoction.

For a great healthy sandwich, try Bite on Lafayette Street. The spicy middle eastern turkey sandwich consists of smoked turkey, greens, tomatoes, hummus and spicy sauce. Get it on whole wheat bread for an extra health fix.

For a great bagel sandwich, Murray’s bagels on 6th Ave cannot be beat. Be sure to get there early on a weekend for a great egg and cheese on a bagel, or everything bagel with cream cheese and lox. They will not toast your bagel, and with good reason. These bagels are perfect the way they are.

First off, it’s important to warn you that, like shopping at the supermarket, you should never write an article on an empty stomach. Especially one that talks about food.

I am eating hot crumpets, with a light smattering of butter on top. Salivating yet? This simple act has taken me on a journey home. I am in my mom’s kitchen and it’s tea time on Sunday afternoon. I am moaning about being hungry and she says something about kids in Africa and I say I’m still hungry. So out come my lovely toasted friends. There has to be cheese on top too. The very smell of them and the act of popping them in the toaster reminds me of these safe times in the bosom of my fabulous mother, now sadly deceased.

I begin thinking about how food can create such intense associations with memory. We were not fancy eaters in our house. Indeed, I don’t think a piece of pasta passed my lips until I was a grown woman. My parents did not understand it at all. “Foreign muck.” (Not the opinion of the writer I hasten to add, whose avarice for Italian food has resulted in a wardrobe full of unwearably snug outfits). Whilst I think about this I am taking a short break to feed my face as I have now made myself hungry and it’s lunchtime.

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