For gambling players, playing gambling is an activity that must be done even though they are aware that gambling violates religious norms. Either when they have free time or some even spent 1 full day just playing gambling. There are even those who make gambling a livelihood

Money made from gambling is illegal money. Because the Qur’an has already told that haram money used for eating will not bring blessings. But this verse seems to be underestimated by the community, as evidenced by many people who still play gambling to this day even though it is clear that gambling violates religious norms.

Islam itself has forbidden its followers not to play or approach gambling because in Islam gambling itself violates religious norms dominoqq terpercaya . This is because Islam wants its followers to spend time in more positive activities. And Islam itself, of course, does not allow getting the proceeds from betting.

There are many examples of verses in the Koran or the Word of the Prophet that prohibit Muslims from playing or approaching gambling. Even the Messenger of Allah called or ordered his people to stop if they were already trapped in a gambling circle.

Islam itself prohibits gambling because it is considered that gambling violates religious norms, whether gambling is done offline or through online sites. Many gambling names are embellished with advertisements, for example’ the best gambling’, or dominoqq online.

In the Qur’an it is written that we as Muslims must obey Allah SWT where one way is to carry out all his orders and stay away from his prohibitions. Use your time for activities that are better than just playing gambling.


In addition to playing gambling violates religious norms, it turns out that gambling also has a bad effect on us. Because of course by playing gambling we forget the time, where that time can actually be used for positive activities or getting closer to God by praying or doing worship. But the reality is that our time is only used for useless things, namely gambling. Of course this is a loss because gambling will not have any effect on human life. In fact, many humans fail just because they play gambling too often.

Many people become depressed just because they play gambling too often, not to mention that many people go bankrupt due to the effects of playing gambling. There are many more negative effects caused by gambling, namely a gambler does not hesitate to commit criminal acts if they feel they want to play gambling if they do not have money.

There are many new circulating that someone is willing to rob, even kill someone in order to control the property of the victim which is only used for gambling. Of course, it is because of this that Islam and Allah SWT forbid gambling because where Islam clearly explains that gambling violates religious norms in Islam. Common sense is lost only because of the effects of gambling.

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