The Prestigio Massage Chair

You should take a look at the Prestigio OM-510 massage chair. It sports an elegant design with a seamless technology to bring you a terrific massaging chair. This recliner comes with an innovative roller system which gives you a more even massage pressure throughout your entire back. The Prestigio 0M 510 comes with an attractive design that has wood armrests and matching side table.

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The Prestigio massage chair is shaped in the contoured to better support your back 오피쓰 . It also comes with four layers of cushions for supporting the back. This enables you to change the intensity of the massage by adding or removing padding.

Massage of the OM 510 massage chair is very thorough and invigorating. It has three timed automatic massages. These timed massages provide for a range of different treatments to soothe and relax your body.

You get four manual massage techniques. Manual massage modes can be used to apply a specific massage in a given area of the back. You can choose from tapping, kneading, rolling and shiatsu. You can also adjust the intensity of the kneading or the tapping.

You also get a motorized recline in the leg rest with the Prestigio massaging chair. The remote control has individual buttons for raising or lowering the chair back and leg rest. This enables you to quickly find the proper angle to receive your massage treatment.

The back massage can work separate from the leg rest. You can just apply the massage to your back. The lower body has an air pressure massage which operates independently of the back massage.

The Prestigio has 15 airbags that if a terrific massage to your thighs, buttocks, feet and calves. The air compression massage system gently but firmly squeezes, holds and then releases these larger muscles. This is perfect for lessening body and fatigue, easing minor aches and pains and increase in blood flow and metabolism.

If you have tired and aching feet, then let the Prestigio relieve them. Specially designed reflexology foot wells provide stimulation to your feet trigger points. Reflexology massage is known to induce full body invigoration and relief through the triggering of different points on the feet. The Prestigio uses specially designed reflexology plates to deliver a terrific and relieving massage.

There are quite a number of massage chair companies with high-end models. Some of these massaging chairs have some very strange looking designs as well as the massage techniques. In a pack of many imitators, the Montage Elite massage chair stands out in the crowd. The Montage Elite massage chair is produced by Omega Massage.

When looking for a high end massaging chair, it is important to differentiate features that are of value from ones that are gimmicks. In the end a massage chair is a long-term investment in your health and well-being. Take the time to look at important features which will have value to you over the long run.

All of the massage chairs will have a variety of massage techniques. It is important to find out which ones are of more value to you. Some of the basic massage techniques are kneading, tapping, rolling and other combinations.

The Montage Elite massage chair comes with a diverse set of massage therapies plus a number of therapeutic treatments. The Omega Company understands that massage is a holistic experience which requires bringing together a number of elements.

Relaxation is an important aspect of any massage experience. The Montage Elite comes with a music player and headphones and also have full body heat. The music helps to relax your mind while the heat helps to soothe your muscles making them more susceptible to the massage treatment.

The Montage Elite recliner is built for comfort and relaxation. Many massaging chairs are hard to enter because you have to step over the leg rest to get into the seat. This recliner provides wheelchair access from the side by lifting up the armrest. This allows anybody to get easily in an out of the massage chair.

You get also get a good variety of massage treatments. There are five automatic full body massage programs. These target a range of different treatments from more subtle massages to deep penetrating lines.

There are also many different manual massage modes. You get for basic massage techniques with tapping, kneading, rolling and a combination kneading and tapping. You can set six different massage courses for your back and neck. Also included is and upper and lower neck massage course.

This massage chair allows you to target specific areas for relief. This is especially good for targeting the shoulders and neck area. Relief in this area is important and the montage comes with courses to provide soothing massage.

During the course of your massage, you can activate the lower body stretching. The lower body stretching will begin to stretch out your legs from the hips to the ankles. This helps to relieve the pressure off the lower spine and pelvic region.

The Montage Elite comes in a strikingly beautiful design. You can choose from three different colors of upholstery. This massage chair comes in black, coffee and ivory. This gives you a range of choices to match different decors.

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