Geography of Hollywood

Movies, also known as a motion picture, video film, or digital movie, is an artistic work of visual art employing live action to simulate encounters that convey stories, ideas, emotions, sights, beauty, or setting. Motion pictures may be filmed for television and other mass media consumption, and also for the purpose of exhibiting in a theater. Motion pictures are usually produced by electronics and special ดูหนังบนมือถือ -effects using computer technology. It is also possible to make home-based motion pictures using a combination of recorded video and photographic images.

Motion pictures may be classified according to their format. Special-effects films use special-effects technology that includes computer animation, sound, visual effects, stunts, special photography and computer graphics. Film directors and producers utilize all the available tools and technologies in order to achieve the desired effect. The motion picture industry has a significant impact on the contemporary lifestyle, with movies, teasers, TV shows, video games, and other products being released into the market on a regular basis.

Motion pictures are sold in box-office hits, which are determined by ticket sales, profits made from DVD and other revenues. Movies are developed by Hollywood studios. Italian studios also belong to the Hollywood group of studios. Italian studios release motion pictures on worldwide basis and Hollywood productions are distributed via DVD.

Movies are based on various themes. The theme can be romantic like Coraline, fantasy like Beauty and the Beast, family like Shrek, or adventure like Harry Potter. Most of the successful motion pictures of recent years have been based on Hollywood themes. A major contributing factor to the popularity of these movies is the Hollywood magic. The theme of Hollywood is based on story, music, style, and casting.

Video Games and amusement parks are also part of the Hollywood entertainment industry. There is a huge demand for tickets in the U.S. and also in the whole world for showing some movies in the cinemas. The increasing popularity of video games and theaters has resulted in the integration of sound in the motion picture industry of Hollywood. Hollywood, which was primarily a movie making company has evolved into a multi-media business unit. Movies are not the only source of revenue for the studios; they also earn revenues from television, video games, etc.

Geography is another important part of Hollywood. The city of Hollywood is mostly based on mountains and hills surrounding the city, which gives a natural background to most of the films shot here. The hollywood executives are mostly movie producers and directors, who make the films; but the location of filming depends largely on the location where the director or producer feels the movie will be best enjoyed by audiences.

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