How To Be Good At Sex In A Committed Relationship

Ever remember those days when you and your partner make love almost every day? Even the sight and smell of him/her is enough to make you blushed and your heart beats a little faster. It was so fresh, so exciting and so new.

After a while, passion starts to ebb for the simple reason that both of you know exactly what is going to come next. This does not mean you no longer care or love him/her or he/she has become less sexually attractive literotica. It just points to your need to break the spell of sameness and to get out of your stale sex routine.

Every relationship is bound to go through the sexual tides now and then. Fortunately, you can do something about it. The secret to a sizzling sex life is to keep it fresh, new and exciting. Here are some suggestions you can do to make sex exciting, to keep your woman on her toes and probably on her knees.

(1) Acknowledge the need for change

This is the first step in your recovery from a boring sex routine. Once you both agree there is this need for change, you can start working together as a couple to come up with solutions and plans. All you have to do is talk. Keep your discussion fun and simple. The best tip to improve sex life is to be honest with your partner.

If you are honest and open about what you like, what works for you and if your partner does something that makes you feel uncomfortable, do tell him/her. Do not be afraid to make suggestions or even demonstrate the way that works for you. A great sex life is one that can allow you and your partner to help each other learn about what works for you and what does not.

(2) Add variety and spontaneity into your sex routine

The downside to being in committed relationships is that sex starts to become a routine. It is most important that you should avoid this at all costs. Do not let sex become something you do because you are both awake and have nothing to do. Make time for it and make sure it is not always the same way with the same result; after all, variety is the spice of life.

Most sexual relationship problems come about because sex becomes boring and predictable. To avoid this, try introducing new positions, making love at different places and different times or investing in some sex toys if both of you are comfortable in using them. Another suggestion is not to take sex for granted. It is always a good idea to occasionally pamper your partner with some fine wining and dining and showing her some real attention. Do not just roll her over and expect to have everything you want.

(3) More suggestions to improve sex life

(a) Besides talking to her in the normal way, you can also dirty talk to her. Do talk about your fantasies, what you are going to do to her and how much you like it.

(b) Fetishes, fantasies and kinky behavior such as spanking, bondage and whips can be a great deal of fun. However, before doing this, make sure your partner knows what this is all about. Permission is required and make sure there is no lasting damage.

(c) Role playing with props and costumes can add a new dynamic to sexual relationships by allowing both of you to become another person for a few hours. For a start, avoid trying any hardcore bondage or those BDSM (bondage, discipline/domination, submission/sadism and masochism) sex. Keep it simple and use tried-and-true role-playing such as headmaster/headmistress and pupil, stripper and client and boss and secretary.

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