Choosing Your BlackBerry Alarm App

You’ve just gotten a shiny new BlackBerry – it could be the latest BlackBerry Curve, a new BlackBerry Torch, or even a brand new BlackBerry Storm – you pull out your new smartphone, peel off the plastic, and dive into App World to fill your BlackBerry with the latest in mobile gadgets; but with so many apps available, which one should be the first to make its way onto your new phone? This article will help you navigate through the confused jumble of BlackBerry alarm apps that are currently on the market, helping you find the BlackBerry alarm that is the best fit for you and your lifestyle 婚介.

An Informational Morning:
Did you ever want to try a more pleasant morning wake-up than a loud buzzing alarm, or maybe you have trouble finding the time each day to read through your morning paper? If you’re looking for an all but ordinary way to wake up in the morning, then you’re in for a new experience when trying out Wakeful talking alarm. Rather than waking you up with a conventional buzzer noise, Wakeful will wake you up by reading aloud the day’s local weather, letting you know what to expect before you’ve even crawled out of bed. You’ll also get woken up to the top news stories that broke overnight, as well as the world’s most up-to-date stock information to keep on top of the markets. Wakeful is customizable, reading your name aloud as it greets you each morning: it’s a bit like your own personal butler that reads aloud the information most important to you every time you crawl out of bed 相親.

The Horrible Sleeper:
You may have heard of the alarm clock apps that’ll track your movements while sleeping in order to wake you up at just the right time. These apps typically work by tracking your movements on the bed, however even though BlackBerry isn’t capable of tracking these movements the way some other smartphones can, we BlackBerry users nonetheless have an alternative. The Sleep Cycle app doesn’t track your movements while sleeping in order to wake you up more refreshed, however it does help you to graph your sleeping patterns in order to achieve a more healthy sleeping patterns. This is the best app for those looking for a healthier sleep, though you’ll have to make sure you’re motivated enough to graph your sleep each day!

The Bus Rider:
The creator of Bus Alarm had a fear that many of us share: falling asleep on the bus ride home and forgetting to get off at his stop! Bus Alarm has been built to solve this problem and if you’re a habitual bus rider like the app’s creator, this might just be the best alarm application for you. This alarm will alert you when you’re approaching your bus stop, leaving you the freedom to dose off against the head rest, or get lost in a captivating novel, without fearing that you may drive right by your bus stop and end up miles from home speed dating hong kong.

The Planner:
Alarm Pro is an app made for those who need to use multiple alarms in a single day: one to get up, one for their morning meeting, another to remind them to take their medication, etc. This app is the monkey on your back that will keep your day organized and on time, without the need to manually set and reset multiple alarms each day. If you’re the kind of person that needs to keep organized without putting too much thought into it, then it may be worth giving Alarm Pro a try.

For most, the alarm is something that they set to get themselves up in the morning, and it has very little impact on the rest of the day. However BlackBerry alarm apps have increasingly become an essential app for any BlackBerry user’s smartphone. With your BlackBerry alarm you can start waking up and keeping track of your day in ways that a conventional alarm clock never could. Most of these apps have a free trial version, so give them a try and see how today’s innovative BlackBerry alarms can change your life. And hey, if you don’t like it, you can have your old life back!

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