On-Page White Hat SEO Techniques (Part 1)

On-page white Hat Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses all techniques employed that are acceptable to the search engines. These same techniques can be implemented by tweaking the codes of your website to attain a higher rank in the search results.

What is PURE White Hat SEO?

In its strictest sense, pure white hat SEO only refers to on-page SEO. Ideally, other webmasters should link to your website on their own accord Black hat forum.

These are ethical techniques and are highly recommended by the search engines because to them, this is how they think the web should work. Pure white hat SEO discourages the use of the flaws of the search engines algorithms to their own advantage. Otherwise, you are already implementing the opposite which are black hat techniques.

What Will You Benefit from Employing White Hat SEO?

Following what is ethical and acceptable clears your path on your way to the top. In the beginning traffic may be a tad slow, but you are guaranteed that you won’t get banned or sanctioned by the search engines. As a result, your steady rise to the top can benefit you in the long run-longevity is what we aim for.

Here Are Some Pure White Hat Techniques That You Must Religiously Employ

1. High Quality, Original and Unique Content

In case you are wondering why blogs and wikis frequent the search result listing, it’s because of their long record of original and high quality contents. Search engines love content. Creating contents on a regular basis and sustaining it for a year or so, is the most effective way of wooing the search engines. They give love back by rewarding you a high rank in the search results.

Notice the emphasis on high quality and original contents in the preceding paragraph-Search engines abhor any type of duplication when it comes to optimizing your website. When search engines trot the internet to check on websites and they see two or three websites with the same content, this is bad news. I am not sure how search engines determine which one to sanction. What I am sure of is only one of them will be show in the search results.

Having unique content means that you must be sure that your content is the “one and only” in the web. Never copy part and parcel of another website’s content. At the same time, don’t copy your own site’s content for forum posting or article submission purposes. You may post an excerpt of your content on forums but for article directories, a whole new content must be written.

In addition, you must be sure that there are no duplicate contents within your own website. For example, don’t post all your contents under the homepage category. If you are a WordPress user, you can make use of the “read more” tag or the post excerpt tag.

2. Help the Search Engine Crawlers Index Your Site

You must structure your website in such a way that search engine crawlers (spiders or robots) can easily find and index your website. Here’s how:

a. Never place text in the image file.Why? Search engines are incapable of reading these texts thus preventing them from associating your site with these words. In case you really need to place some texts in the image, you can copy the words and place them in the alt attribute of the image.

b. Avoid Making Pure Flash Websites. These are embedded in SWF file and when you check the source code of your website, you will not see any content. Keep in mind that the search engines see the website in the same way you see its source code. Therefore, if you can’t see content, search engines won’t see it either. As a result, search robots will not be able to effectively associate your site with the words in your content.

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