Aerial Banners Come of Age

Sky banners have now become part ad parcel of people in the US. They can be spotted flying over big events and gatherings like during Spring Break in Daytona Beach for example.

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Aerial banners serve as a useful fount of information, doled out in a very short period of time. Aerial ads tend to be very brief and to-the-point and an aerial advertising company will make sure a customer does not get too wordy with the message fotografie.

College students out on the beach during Spring Break really do not have the time to read long and convoluted messages preferring instead to enjoy their beer and jumping into the ocean. But aerial banners which say something like `Happy Hour at Joe’s Bar…4-7 pm’ are more than enough to get the message across. The college kids will look up, see the timings and the place and before you know it, will have parked themselves on bar stools at the appointed hour.

This is the kind of success an aerial advertising company can bring to a client. As the concept of advertising in the air is quickly catching on, more and more businesses appear to be keen to sign up. Flustered with spiraling advertising rates charged by television and radio, advertising in the clear blue sky is growing by leaps and bounds.

In addition, a clear target audience goes a long way in having companies make a beeline for an aerial advertising firm. Many such companies are now backlogged with clients causing them to bring aboard new aircraft.

The aircraft used in this form of advertising are small and lightweight. From a distance they sound like a large-sized mosquito making an approach. As you look up though, you will see an aircraft – usually in a vivid color like bright yellow – passing by with banner in tow.

A client can tell the advertising firm he wants aerial banners to be flown over the stadium parking lot before kickoff at the Super Bowl. This is a time when many tailgate parties take place and a lot of people are concentrated in a relatively small area.

TV ads during the Super Bowl cost literally millions for a brief spot. However, an aerial ad works out comparatively far cheaper.

It is people’s reflex action that helps grab attention. It is natural to look up at an aircraft flying by and advertisers have capitalized on this. An airplane towing a banner is an added bonus as people looking up will see not just the plane but the message attached.

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